Food Media South Preview: Debbie Elliott and Von Diaz

Buy TicketsOn February 25, SFA hosts its third annual Food Media South symposium in Birmingham, Alabama. A thoughtful host of food media experts will explore storytelling in the digital era and ask timely questions about how immigration, ethnicity, and identity impact which food stories get told and who tells them.

NPR national correspondent Debbie Elliott and StoryCorps producer Von Diaz will discuss the craft of audio storytelling as it connects to reporting food-related stories from immigrant communities. Here are a few questions they plan to address:

  • What are the basic building blocks of audio storytelling?
  • What should a journalist take into account when reporting on people who have come here from other countries?
  • How can stories about food inform us about the immigrant experience?
  • Why do immigrant stories matter?
  • What is the role of journalists who tell cultural stories in an atmosphere of skepticism toward the media?

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