Food Media South Preview: Caleb Zigas and Tunde Wey

Karla Ruiz, Karla’s Catering and Prepared Foods. Part of SFA’s Nolensville Road oral history project Nashville, TN. Summer 2016. Photographs by Emily B. Hall.

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On February 25, SFA hosts its third annual Food Media South symposium in Birmingham, Alabama. A thoughtful host of food media experts will explore storytelling in the digital era and ask timely questions about how immigration, ethnicity, and identity impact which food stories get told and who tells them.

Caleb Zigas is the executive director of La Cocina, a San Francisco nonprofit incubator kitchen that empowers immigrant entrepreneurs. SFA Smith Fellow Tunde Wey is the force behind Blackness in America, a dinner and dialogue series he designed to promote black discourse and prioritize black perspectives.

In conversation, Caleb and Tunde will expound on obstacles that immigrants face in the food industry and discuss how media professionals and consumers can actively break down barriers.

A few items they will address:

  • What obstacles do immigrants face in the food industry, specifically?
  • Why are these important to understand?
  • What is the media’s role in changing that narrative?
  • How can consumers eat in an informed way that is not appropriative?

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