Fish (Camp) Tales by Mary Helen Montgomery

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For all you need to know about fish camps, tune into Gravy on Thursday. But if you’re curious about our guest producer, here’s what you need to know about Mary Helen Montgomery.

  • She tells stories about the South from her home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where she’s an independent producer of audio and multimedia projects, and she’s an instructor at the Transom Story Workshop.
  • She produces films, audio projects, and interactive media.
  • One of her radio documentaries on the anniversary of a Tennessee tornado won an Edward R. Murrow Award. Big deal? You bet.
  • Her work on a multimedia project about the cycle of violence of Chattanooga earned her team a Pulitzer Prize nomination. Another big deal? Yep.

Gravy fans should check out her work online at, and tune in to the next episode of the podcast to hear her reporting.