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Hairdresser to Chef

“Shampoo was just out. So I tried that for a little while, taught school in the hairdressing field, and then I went on to find out that that was miserably frustrating. When you’re cutting someone’s hair and it doesn’t come out right and they’re crying and screaming, and I was like, ‘Oh, no. This is not for me.’” … Continued

Cornbread Nation Volumes

Cornbread Nation 2015

This selection of ten pieces represents an array of voices and publications. In addition to great food writing, we’ve included one great piece of food looking, in the form of a photo essay by Tom Rankin, and a piece of what we’ll call food listening—that is, Todd Kliman interviewing David Chang. We whittled our choices … Continued

Abe's Bar-B-Q in Clarksdale, MS

Kitchen Blues

“If music be the food of love…or is it the love of food?” —Roy Blount, Jr. “I guess the Delta had the blues, and I guess that was better than barbecue.” —Bill Lester, Dockery Farms In the northern Delta, roughly twenty miles from the Mississippi River, is Dockery Farms. Established in 1895, this plantation is … Continued

Phila Hach: A Bold Woman of Conviction

Phila Rawlings Hach passed away December 2, 2015 at the age of 89. Her family continues to operate the retreat center she started in Joelville, Tennessee. At the 18th annual Southern Foodways Symposium, the SFA named Phila Rawlings Hach (pronounced “Ha”) the 2015 Ruth Fertel Keeper of the Flame. With this award—and the accompanying documentary film—we … Continued

Neon & Paint: Stories Behind the Signs

Car dealerships used to line Morrison Drive on the outskirts of downtown Charleston. In 1983 Martha Lou Gadsden bought an empty gas station and transformed the one-story cinderblock building into her own restaurant. “The first day I made $10 selling hotdogs and sodas,” laughs Mrs. Gadsden. “We moved on from there to lima beans and … Continued

Ken Dawson sets up his centerpiece at the market.

Presentation is Everything

As the market has grown, so has the quality and variety of produce. Today, the unwritten rule: presentation is everything.

Restaurant as Safe Haven

In the kitchen, behind the register, these regular people made extraordinary choices. They opened their doors and offered spaces of comfort and collaboration.

Trusty Tools

Chefs, pitmasters, cheesemakers, and farmers rely on the tools of their trade. These objects matter more than than you might expect. This week, we share two stories of restaurateurs who use beloved tools to deliver delicious.