Thursday, October 2
Durham, North Carolina
On Thursday, October 2 there will be a dinner at the Cotton Room that features a speaking component from Yale classicist Egbert Bakker and Josh Evans, lead researcher at the Nordic Food Lab – incubator for the oft-designated number one restaurant in the world, Copenhagen’s Noma. The five-course dinner will be prepared by an unprecedented teaming of leading local chefs Andrea Reusing (Lantern), Matt Kelly (bar de Mateo tapas), Kim Floresca and Daniel Ryan (ONE restaurant), Steven Greene (The Umstead), and Aaron Vandemark (Panciuto), with wine pairings by Noel Sherr (Cave Taureau Wines).  The evening’s offerings will be Noma-esque, highlighting edible subnature.” 
This event caps a month-long series of events designed by Thomas Parker from Vassar College, who is a Visiting Faculty Fellow at Duke University, that apply the architectural concept of subnature” to culinary concepts.
Tickets are now for sale through the Subnature and Culinary Culture website: