Camp Chicago: An Up South Expedition
May 23-25, 2008

SFA headed north in May.  We followed blues scholar Scott Barretta along Highway 61. Dished Chicago culinary history with Bruce Kraig, the Horace of hot dogs. Feasted at West Town Tavern as Susan Goss paid homage to old guard Chicago soul cooks.  We took a bite out of a Mother-In-Law. Got the blues with Jimmy Burns at The Hideout. Shopped the Maxwell Street Market. Wolfed a catfish sandwich. Got in the swim at an aquarium barbecue pit. And more. Lots more.

There were optional Chicago X’Cursions. These mini-tours, guided by local folks who know their city best, showcased the South in Chicago (Up South), and still got us to lunch on time.  Southside BBQ trippers checked out Lem’s ribs and Harold’s chicken wings before chancing to win some sweets at a carnival cakewalk.  Bourbon fans bantered with Chuck Cowdery, author of Bourbon, Straight, with pours by Mike Miller at Delilah’s. Donna Pierce led us to Edna’s Soul Food for a plate full of Chicago’s civil rights history, as well as a few delicious bites of macaroni and cheese.  And Peter Engler helped us track tamales at hot dog stands in the Windy City.