Entertain With Vegetables, Support Foodways Grad Students

Chadwick Boyd book cover

Chadwick Boyd began cooking as a child under the direction of his grandmother, inspired by the Betty Crocker Cook Book for Boys and Girls and People Magazine. His grandmother emphasized cooking by feel, that there was no one correct way to prepare a dish. That focus on feel is what draws Chadwick to vegetables—their flavor, texture, and color appeal to him on a visceral level. Every other member of Boyd’s family practices farming of some sort, so he also feels this connection to vegetables runs in his blood.

Boyd begins a national book tour with his new recipe collection Entertaining With Vegetables this Friday, March 18. The kick-off takes place in Newark, Delaware where his mom lives, where he went to high school, at the Williams-Sonoma store in Christiana Mall in “where [he] went when [he] was an 80’s kid in whitewashed jeans.” The tour will visit 15 or more cities in 2016.

SFA founding member Nathalie Dupree wrote the foreword for the collection, and Boyd will donate 10% of its proceeds to the SFA’s Nathalie Dupree Graduate Fellow program, which offers tuition assistance and a modest stipend to two graduate students each year in exchange for work with our organization. Both Boyd and Dupree have long been champions for home cooks; they share a passion for getting ordinary people into the kitchen and helping them feel good about what they cook.

His book fits squarely into that goal with recipes with short ingredients lists, realistic preparation times, and practical techniques. The collection also encourages whole vegetable cooking—using root, stock, and leaves of veggies—to reduce the amount of produce that ends up in the trash. Instead of throwing away carrot tops, for example, cooks can chop them up to use as a substitute for parsley. Another recipe teaches how to shave oft-tossed broccoli stalks with a vegetable peeler for simple but elegant salad. Any home cook can implement these techniques without special knowledge or additional time-consuming recipes.

For more information about the recipe collection and the tour, visit Chadwick’s website.