Don’t Miss Dumplin’s & Dancin’: December 2-4, 2016

Dumplins Dancing 2016

Dumplin’s & Dancin’—held at Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, Kentucky—is more than just your average get-together. It’s a community-wide gathering where farmers, musicians, chefs, square dance callers, seed savers, dancers, and food activists, all committed to the preservation of Appalachian foodways and dance traditions, come together to learn, network, eat, and have fun.

The 2nd Annual Dumplin’s & Dancin’: A Heritage Food & Dance Weekend takes place December 2-4, 2016 and features a wide array of presenters including James Beard Award Finalist Ouita Michel, acclaimed author of the recently published Victuals Ronni Lundy, and caller extraordinaire T-Claw.

View the schedule for the weekend at the Hindman Settlement School’s website. For a look at last year’s Dumplin’s & Dancin’ event, read this post by 2015-2016 SFA Nathalie Dupree Graduate Fellow Abby Huggins.