Director’s Cut: Paying Down Debts of Pleasure in the Oxford American

coverI’ve been writing for the Oxford American for almost 15 years now. For the past 13 years, I’ve been a columnist.

Early in my relationship with the magazine, I wrote about segregationist Georgia governor Lester Maddox and his late career dalliance as a musician. Midway through my tenure, I wrote about a Civil Rights Movement era murder that was planned and celebrated at a restaurant in Athens, Georgia.

Race has been a constant theme in my writing for the magazine. It’s the issue that vexes me most. As the SFA gears up for 2014, when we mark the 50th anniversary of restaurant desegregation, I plan to use my OA gig to explore a range of issues at the intersection of race and food culture.

Click here for my latest attempt to plow that row, a meditation of Edna Lewis, the New York city restaurant Cafe Nicholson, restaurant laborer pay, and the new book, Behind the Kitchen Door.