Crawfish, Chocolate Gravy, and Yard Chicken Soup

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It’s a simple question: What is your strongest food memory?

Last month we debuted A Spoken Dish, a storytelling project produced in collaboration with Whole Foods Market and Georgia Organics. This week we’ve added 15 new stories to the site. You’ll meet Cleta Ellington, a passionate home cook from Jackson, MS, whose family hosts a crawfish boil every Easter weekend. And Barbie Hernandez, a Whole Foods team member from Durham, NC, whose grandmother taught her how to make chicken soup when Barbie was growing up in Puerto Rico. And Duane Nutter, an Atlanta-based chef who had an unforgettable run-in with a gumbo pot as a child.

Here, meet Natalie Keng, a Georgia native whose Chinese immigrant parents forged their own global South cuisine in the days before international markets came to Atlanta.