Click Here, Read This: The Carolina Edition

SFA hosts our 2017 Summer Foodways Symposium June 23–25 in Charlotte, North Carolina. As we dive head first into planning the event, our ears perk up at relevant news out of the Carolinas. These articles in particular caught our attention this week.

Skyline of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, with construction cranes

Latinos built Charlotte during its recent economic boom. But it’s still not a welcoming place for them.

Tanvi Misra examines Charlotte’s paradoxical relationship with Latino immigrants.

Brooks Liver Mush

I remember my dad taking us to school, before even kindergarten, and stopping so we could get a livermush biscuit.”

Adam Rhew explores how Charlotteans keep their waning livermush tradition alive. Watch SFA’s film on Brooks Sandwich House here.

Photo by Rich Glickstein for Charlotte Observer.
Photo by Rich Glickstein for Charlotte Observer.

I didn’t just eat lunch. I committed a political act.”

Kathleen Purvis confronts the complicated history of one South Carolina barbecue restaurant.