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A perk of editors at SFA is that we get to read a LOT and call it professional development. More often than not it’s related to foodways, or drink, or Southern culture, or literature, or….okay, actually, we pretty much read it all. Here are a couple pieces that caught our attention this week.

Illustration by Vance Lump via
Illustration by Vance Lump via

Say what you will about the age of the celebrity chef, but it thrills us to see culinary ‘rock stars’ leverage their prestige to support their communities.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, A Chef’s Life’s Vivian Howard called on chefs and restaurants in North Carolina to sell her region’s traditional fish stew and donate funds to disaster relief. Chefs responded—and not only in her home state. Find out how you can be a part of this effort here. (There’s a recipe, too.)

Ashley Christensen, another renowned North Carolina chef, set aside the niceties of dinner etiquette (“No politics at the table!”) to stand with those affected by the state’s recently passed HB2 law, which prohibits people from using bathrooms in schools and government buildings that don’t correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth. Some call it politics; we call it hospitality.

Lastly, SFA’s 2016 Smith Symposium Fellow Tunde Wey argues that dining is the final frontier of American racism. Read his piece in Civil Eats here. While you’re at it, see how Tunde is using food to catalyze critical discussions of race in America.