Brooks’ Sandwich House

Well our philosophy is that simple. You just put out the best product that you can for the fairest price that you can, and people will come.

The Brooks brothers have been serving hamburgers, livermush sandwiches, and hotdogs topped with their famous chili for over 40 years. The food is simple and the prices are reasonable, so there’s no wonder why it’s been a staple in the North Davidson (formerly North Charlotte) neighborhood. From blue collar workers to artists to visiting businessmen, it’s everybody’s kind of place.

Brooks’ Sandwich House¬†will likely be our first stop when we get to Charlotte for the 2017 Summer Symposium. Check out the schedule for the Symposium here, and plan your travel around a livermush sandwich on the way in or out of Charlotte.

You can watch Peter Taylor’s film about Brooks’ Sandwich House here.