OKRACAST: Honduran Food in New Orleans

Welcome to Okracast, the SFA podcast! This week we travel to New Orleans, where many different ethnicities make up the city’s population and yet only a few are part of its mainstream culinary scene. Take the Honduran community: though its presence is strong, not many restaurants are representative of this slice of New Orleans’s population. Producer … Continued

OKRACAST: Local/Global Eating

This week, we’ve got a Southern boy who eats globally and a West Coast girl who cooks Southern food.

OKRACAST: Southern Chinese

Welcome to Okracast, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance! This week we’re meditating on Chinese immigrants to the South.

OKRACAST: Salty Sweet

Welcome to Okracast, the SFA podcast! Ahead on this week’s episode: author and Florida native Diane Roberts sings the praises of the Apalachicola Bay oyster. “Once you have one,” Roberts says, “you will never want another oyster. You will only want that oyster again and again.” Then SFA oral historian Sara Wood brings us to … Continued

OKRACAST: Ode to Grandmothers

Welcome to Okracast, the SFA podcast! This week’s episode is an ode to grandmothers. First, cozy up to the table as Chef Bill Smith of Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina remembers dinner time at the table of his great-grandmother. Our oral history sample comes from Sara Wood’s interview with Ida Ma Musu. Chef … Continued

Louisiana Dried Shrimp Co. - Robert Collins and Son - Gumbo Trail

OKRACAST: Duck Stew and Dried Shrimp

Welcome to OKRACAST, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance! We’re in Louisiana for this week’s episode, from uptown New Orleans to the edge of the Bayou. Grab a pen and paper to take notes as Becky Currence, mother of James Beard Award winning chef John Currence, walks us through her recipe for wild duck … Continued

Levee Run Farm - Leann Hines - Greenwood Farmers' Market

OKRACAST: Mothers and Chickens

  Welcome to Okracast, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance! This week, Desiree Robinson of Cozy Corner BBQ in Memphis, TN pays homage to her mother. Mrs. Robinson says that she started cooking at eight years old, and after all these years, she still loves her mother’s cornbread recipe. You can learn more about Mrs. … Continued