SFA oral historian Amy Evans Streeter and her daughter, Sofia, with Mary Lousie Nosser at Monday night’s dinner.


Monday night saw the fifty-first annual Lebanese Dinner at St. George’s Orthodox Church in Vicksburg, MS.

More than 3,000 people poured through the doors to receive plates of kibbe and cabbage rolls, including SFA staffers Amy Evans Streeter and Mary Beth Lasseter. Amy interviewed Ms. Nosser last summer for the SFA’s Delta Lebanese project, and Mary Beth, who lives in Vicksburg, actually helped cook some of the food this year. She helped the women of St. George put together 11,000 (!) cabbage rolls.

Mary Louise Nosser has been helping with the dinner since 1968. Visit her oral history interview to learn about her life and the work she does to help carry on the culinary traditions of the Lebanese community in this part of the Mississippi Delta.

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