Amy’s Notebook: Remembering Ruth Blaylock Foster, 1930-2014

Ruth Blaylock Foster
Ruth Blaylock Foster in Cleveland, MS, 2012. Photo by Amy C. Evans.

I spent last weekend in the Delta, making visits and eating well. At some point during my rambling, I checked my email only to find a message from Dawana Foster, granddaughter of Ruth Blaylock Foster. I interviewed Ruth Blaylock Foster in 2012 as part of our Dockery Farms oral history project. Dawana shared the news of her beloved grandmother’s passing. And then she shared this:

Just wanted to thank you for doing this documentary as it will allow us to hear her sweet voice one more time.

Our archive of more than 800 oral history interviews with people around the region tell the stories behind the food. More than that, though, they serve as tributes to the people we’ve lost. Visit Ms. Foster’s oral history and listen to her talk about growing up in the Delta on Dockery Farm.

Ms. Foster homegoing celebration will be held this weekend at True Light Missionary Baptist Church. She will be laid to rest in the cemetery on Dockery, close to her father.

All of us grew up on Dockery, our whole family, all twelve of the children…My dad and mama was already grown, but they grew up on Dockery. And it was a good life. I mean a good life. ~Ruth Blaylock Foster

Amy Evans and Ruth B Foster
Me with Ruth Blaylock Foster, SFA Delta Divertissement at Dockery Farm, 2012. Photo by Sara Wood.

As the SFA’s lead oral historian, Amy Evans gathers the stories of Southern food. In Amy’s Notebook, she takes us behind the scenes of her work.