A Pop South Bibliography

Cue the pumpkin spice…and the people who deride pumpkin spice. It is officially fall.

That means in just three weeks, we host our annual fall symposium. And that means, we’ve been a bit busy here at SFA World Headquarters.

Lucky for us, this year’s symposium is all about pop culture, so we have no shame in fueling our frenzy with trendy (triple espresso) seasonal concoctions.

We give you permission to do the same. Curl up on that couch with that pumpkin spice chai tea latte with extra whipped cream and caramel and enjoy all the fall feels.

And of course, you’ll be needing something to read…
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Pop South: Who’s Selling, Who’s Buying, & At What Price?


Books and Articles

Note: Access to academic articles may require a subscription.

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Pop South: Reflections on the South in Popular Culture

Film & Television

Mashama Bailey Takes the Bus Station tells the story of Mashama Bailey as she moves back to her birthplace of Savannah, Georgia, to open a restaurant in an old Greyhound bus station. Film by Joe York.

Watch Sean Brock host season two of Mind of a Chef, a PBS show focusing on travel, history, science, and, of course, food. Available on Netflix.

Trail of the Slugburger profiles the tradition of slugburgers in Corinth, Mississippi. An SFA Greenhouse film by John McCall, Paul Chase, and Matt Stewart.

Oxford Canteen, a short film made by students at the SFA Film Bootcamp, summer 2014.