A Pecan Is Not A Nut

‘Tis the season for giving and gathering–and for reflecting on all we’ve been given. That list is a long one here at SFA World Headquarters.

Dollars given by our members and donors support documentary filmmaking, oral history collection and cataloguing, smart writing, original art commissions, and a biweekly podcast. (In case you missed it, Gravy Episode 3 went live this morning!)

But our members give much more than money. They collaborate with us; they volunteer at our events; they challenge us and cheer us on; they share SFA’s work beyond our own reach.

And quite often, they share others’ work with us, too.

Special thanks to the member who took the time to send this piece our way. He notes, “It was written for a very old and very defunct Atlanta weekly freebie newspaper called The Atlanta Gazette (I think) and I clipped this back when I was in college at Emory in the late 1970s.”

And thanks to the author, Vinnie Williams, for the timely–and timeless–reminder that “A pecan is not a nut; it is a gift.”