Mobile’s Modern Soul

Would you call meatloaf, sandwiched with sautéed spinach and a fried egg, “soul food”? Or would you call okra, served as a side to soy-glazed grouper, “soul food”?

Get Help

When was the last time a random diner assumed they naturally knew more than you about what you wanted to eat or drink—and told you as much?

Missed Cues

We as a culture are more dialed into the subtle implications of food and dining, who fits in where, than ever before.

What We’re Reading: The Ethnic Restaurateur

As the fields of food criticism, food journalism, and food studies increasingly turn their attention to questions of authenticity and appropriation, The Ethnic Restaurateur provides an essential perspective on the subject.

The SFA Take: Chefs with Issues

“In the month of February alone three different chef/owners have taken their own lives. And those are just the ones I know about.”

Blue Collar Holiday

If you choose to shop this week, be kind to the retail staff. If you eat out, tip well. If you go to the movies or attend a football game, notice the people selling popcorn and emptying trashcans.

Your Weekly Pop: All Men Must Dine

Remember when pop-ups were those annoying online advertisements that you blocked with your Internet browser settings? Or before that, when VH1’s Pop Up Video was a thing? (Apparently, it’s still a thing.) Go back even further, and you have pop-up campers, camera flashes, meat thermometers, and of course, books (also still a thing). But why … Continued