When Sicily Came to Charlotte

by Cynthia Joyce (Gravy, Fall 2016) Photos by Kate Medley “You’re from Charlotte?” the waiter asks. “I never meet anyone here who’s actually from Charlotte.” I am having lunch with my parents at Kid Cashew, a newish tapas spot in the Dilworth neighborhood. (I’ve chosen not to order the restaurant’s signature cocktail, Goat’s Breast Milk, … Continued

Caroline Cooks: Cooking from the Heart

Conversational, straightforward, and entirely unique: Cooking from the Heart (2009) is the nation’s only cookbook explaining Hmong food.

The Golden Leaf: Tobacco Farming in North Carolina

On the next episode of Gravy, freelance writer and audio producer Jen Nathan Orris takes us to North Carolina, where the ubiquitous tobacco fields of the past—and the food traditions they engendered—are undergoing a transformation.

Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash

if you ask anyone who knows they’ll tell you it’s not really Calabash seafood unless you’re eating it in Calabash.

Click Here, Read This

Read these food-related pieces that caught our attention this week.

Caroline Cooks: Poole’s Diner

This is a cookbook for true cooks, a delight for anyone who finds joy and fulfillment in putting together elaborate dishes from scratch.

Fish Stew for Hurricane Recovery

Chef Vivian Howard has a plan to raise support for Hurricane Matthew recovery in Eastern North Carolina. It starts with fish stew.

Teens Take the Mic in Gravy Ep. 48

Ree Ree Wei and several other teenagers began recording audio on Transplanting Traditions Community Farm, thanks to producer Alix Blair, who ran a week-long workshop for them.