After Katrina: Counting to 10

In this short film, Pableaux Johnson celebrates the New Orleans we knew before Katrina and looks ahead to the future of the city.

What We’re Reading: Please Forward

Get yourself to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Please Forward: How Blogging Reconnected New Orleans after Katrina, edited by Cynthia Joyce.

Creole Schnitzel

The restaurant that served my personal comfort food—schnitzel, spätzle, and blaukraut—closed 20 years before I moved to New Orleans.

Pableaux Johnson’s Red Beans and Rice

Every Monday night, Pableaux Johnson shares a traditional New Orleans supper of red beans and rice with friends around his grandmother’s table.

Blues, Booze and Red Beans: Monday Night in New Orleans*

Your power may mysteriously go out during every thunderstorm and a cavern-sized sinkhole might just materialize on your street one day, but you can rest assured that—come hell or high water—Monday night red beans will be cooked right on schedule.