King Cake Braided Close Up

King Cake, A Seasonal Delight

King Cake is a seasonal delight, enjoyed from the Feast of the Three Kings, or Epiphany, on January 6th , throughout Carnival season, ending in Mardi Gras.

Lunch from the Friday Fish Fry at St. James Major Church in Gentilly, New Orleans.

A Lenten Lunchtime Favorite in New Orleans

Glitter is still sparkling on the streets of New Orleans today, a reminder of the Mardi Gras season that has just ended. With carnival over, though, this historically Catholic city is now entering the time of Lent. For Christians, the forty days before Easter are traditionally a time of deliberate deprivation, of abstaining from certain … Continued

Photo courtesy of Twins Burgers & Sweets

Pop Culture in Acadiana

This Mardi Gras season Bob Carriker made big waves when he stuffed a king cake with boudin, topped it with cane syrup and crackling crumbs, and posted a photo to social media.

Sunday: Big Nine Social Aid and Pleasure Club second line parade. Photo by Lindsey Kate Reynolds

Thirsty Thursday: Mardi Gras Cocktails

What with this week’s featured oral history project on Ya-Ka-Mein in New Orleans and Fat Tuesday almost upon us, it’s only fitting that Thirsty Thursday’s focus is on Mardi Gras cocktails. Below are my three quintessential NOLA cocktail recipes, but the opinion you should really trust is New Orleanian photographer, bon vivant, and overall Renaissance … Continued