#SFA15: Thursday/Friday Recap Video

Catch a glimpse of the first 36 hours of our 2015 Fall Symposium, courtesy of the team at Hed Hi Media in Charleston, SC.

There’s No Camp Like Camp Bacon

I’m a little bit sad to know that my summer has already peaked. I’m just home from Zingerman’s Camp Bacon in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I can’t shut up about what a great time I had.

New South Family Supper Highlights

This year, New South Family Supper celebrated the “heart of the house,” the unsung heroes of the service industry. Here are a few highlights.

What We’re Reading: Soul Food Love

Mother-daughter authors Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams start with a love letter and elegy for the food that nourished their ancestors, then follow through with an up-to-the-minute collection of boldly flavored, nutrient-dense food.