Twitty corn trough

Black Corn

Michael Twitty speaks on the genealogy and mythology of corn among black and native American peoples in early America at SFA’s 19th annual Southern Foodways Symposium.

Ronnie Johnson's lunchbox.

Eating Lunch 2,000 Feet Underground

The subterranean world of the coal miner involves complicated logistics for eating lunch, related to larger trends of labor, the economy, and energy use.

Mossville native Debra Ramirez. Photo by Tina Antolini.

A Story of Food & Pollution in Gravy Ep. 38

It’s hard to imagine that Mossville, Louisiana was once known as a kind of Eden, a place where all the residents gardened, hunted, and fished to support themselves. Today, industry dominates the landscape.


Considering Cracker Barrel in Gravy Ep. 36

In the new episode of Gravy, Besha Rodell brings us a reflection on the cultural context of Cracker Barrel, and what it taught her about both the region and her family.