Ham to Ham Combat: The Tale of Two Smithfields

Thirty years ago, my hometown of Smithfield, North Carolina, launched what the Washington Post later called “A War In the Hamlets.” On the line were rights to the title “Ham Capital of the World.”

The SFA Take: Love and Cookies

Nathalie Dupree Graduate Fellow Kate Wiggins compiled resources from SFA’s recent work that deal specifically with sexuality through the lens of food. Look, read, and listen to these stories that are often drowned out by politicized rhetoric and monolithic stereotypes about the South.

A Ghost In The Freezer

Food is the product of love and labor, usually in equal parts. When left behind, it reminds us that our loved ones were once very much alive.

Deep Fried Fortune

A poem by Sandra Beasley, inspired by the artwork of Brooke Hatfield.

Star Georgia Peaches Label

The Georgia Peach in Black and White

The Georgia peach is an icon, serving as shorthand for Southern beauty, hospitality, sweetness, and agrarian identity. Tom Okie shares how its roots sink deep into the messy racial politics of Southern history.

Indianola Sunrise

Sandra Beasley, author of three poetry collections and a memoir, contributed two poems to our winter issue of Gravy.

The Cornbread Question

In the late 1920s, a group of American linguists decided to undertake what is to date the largest survey of American English ever conducted. The ‘cornbread’ question elicited more than 390 distinct answers.

Gravy Goes Behind the Scenes at Motels

In the new episode of Gravy, though, we take a deep dive into the world of Indian-owned motels, and the food world they’ve maintained behind the scenes.