Thirsty Thursday: Sips of the Jewish South

Southern Jews constitute just half of 1 percent of the South’s total population, making their food traditions and innovations especially illuminating. Lindsey Reynolds toasts beverages that highlight Jewish heritage.

A Helping of Not-Quite-Gravy

If you know SFA, you know how we love our gravy. We named our quarterly journal for it (get yours by becoming a member). Then we named our podcast for it, too (Episode 12 hit headphones yesterday!). In fact, it’s the only food that has its own tab on our homepage. So when member and … Continued

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Gravy Episode 3 is live!

Apalachicola Bay saw its oyster population collapse in the fall of 2012. What happens when a place built on seafood sees its seafood threatened?

Gravy Podcast Episode 2: Separation of Church and Coffee

A new episode of Gravy is ready for your ears! And it’s one that has all the ingredients for a bracing story: caffeine and religion. In our second episode, writer T Cooper heads to Knoxville, Tennessee, to learn about a new trend making its way across the South: devout Christians are opening coffeeshops as gathering … Continued