A Spoken Dish: Singing for Your Supper

In this video from A Spoken Dish, chef Steven Satterfield recalls visiting his grandmother in the North Carolina mountains as a child and helping her in the kitchen.

Homemade Bread: As Sweet as It Gets

Georgia Organics director Alice Rolls recalls her favorite childhood treat: homemade bread slathered with butter and honey.

The Mystery of a Gumbo Pot

In this video from A Spoken Dish, Duane Nutter recalls his first close encounter with a gumbo pot.

Nicole Taylor: Dinner on the Grounds

Nicole Taylor (at right) is baptized at the East Friendship Baptist Church, ca. mid-1980s. SFA guest blogger Nicole Taylor is Brooklyn-based writer and radio host with Georgia roots. You can follow her on Twitter at @foodculturist. When I was growing up in Athens, Georgia, sandwiched between the Ides of March and the red roses bursting … Continued