Fisk University Nashville

Nashville HBCUs and Civil Rights Activism

Ninth-generation Nashvillian David Ewing illucidates the importance of historically black colleges and universities in the struggle for Civil Rights in his hometown.

husk doll

Moments of Love in Crisis

Poet TJ Jarrett weaves stories of corn silk and Civil Rights, learning to read and learning to dance.

counter histories logo square

Counter Histories Film Series

The film series Counter Histories documents the 1960s struggle to desegregate Southern restaurants.

Star Georgia Peaches Label

The Georgia Peach in Black and White

The Georgia peach is an icon, serving as shorthand for Southern beauty, hospitality, sweetness, and agrarian identity. Tom Okie shares how its roots sink deep into the messy racial politics of Southern history.

MLK dinner

One Eared Stag Hosts Sixties-Style Lunch for MLK Day

Chefs Robert Phalen and Deborah VanTrece will collaborate on a luncheonette menu straight from the 1960s to be served at One Eared Stag in Atlanta, which occupies a space where Dr. King himself dined. Proceeds from the lunch will benefit the King Center.

Dispossession cropped

13 Million Acres, No Mule

Pete Daniel explores the often neglected study of African American land loss in the 20th century.