Encore! Christiane Lauterbach in Gravy Episode 11

What kind of view of a city can you have through its restaurants? Or—more specifically—through its strip mall restaurants? Christiane Lauterbach’s multi-decade career proves: a whole lot.

One Eared Stag Hosts Sixties-Style Lunch for MLK Day

Chefs Robert Phalen and Deborah VanTrece will collaborate on a luncheonette menu straight from the 1960s to be served at One Eared Stag in Atlanta, which occupies a space where Dr. King himself dined. Proceeds from the lunch will benefit the King Center.

Where Credit Is Due: Gilberto Santana

“When we feel overwhelmed in the kitchen, we look over at Gilly, and there he is, quietly, steadily keeping us out of the weeds.”

Where Credit Is Due: Ignacio Barquera of The El Felix

We asked [Ignacio] what kind of tamales we should serve at The El Felix, and he told us that when he was growing up in Mexico City, there were times when his family couldn’t afford meat. So they made tamales with strips of poblano pepper (known as “rajas”), Oaxaca cheese, and salsa verde.

Where Credit is Due: Lawrence of Atlanta

Filmmaker Troy Stains documents the story of Atlanta-based valet parker and gourmet Lawrence Njuguna, who inspired this year’s New South Family Supper.

Where Credit is Due: Nasao Noi

Vansana Nolintha says of his New South Family Supper plate of Kanab Paa: “Our dish and our beer are inspired by Donna’s hands and all of their possibilities.”