Our Work

Documentary projects are central to the SFA’s mission. Oral history interviews and short documentary films preserve the stories of our region for future generations. They connect us to people and traditions that many of us take for granted every day.

Since the formal inception of our documentary initiative in 2005, we have collected hundreds of stories—stories about barbecue and boudin, tamales and tupelo honey. We offer the bulk of our oral history archive here online. We have also created culinary tourism resources like our signature Trail projects, as well as our iPhone app, SFA Stories, which maps all our interview locations.

Oral history also presents classroom possibilities. Oral history interviews offers young scholars an opportunity to hone skills including researching, archiving, writing, and more. Through fieldwork, students may contribute to history, creating a primary source for use in future scholarly research. We invite you to use our collection as inspiration to develop curriculum plans or other projects.

Documentary projects are a wonderful way to give back—to a person, a place, or a community. Our oral histories and films do just that: give back to the people who have dedicated their lives to the craft and culture of Southern food and drink.