Punch's Seafood Market - Melinda and Donald Punch - Gumbo Trail and Down the Bayou
In the seafood business, you don’t sleep much. Five hours is premium. And five hours at one time is really good.

Punch’s Seafood Market

Punch’s Seafood Market
118 North Oak St.
Lockport, LA 70374
(985) 532-7340

Donald Punch was a shrimper all his life, following in the boot steps of his father, until his own son’s Type 1 diabetes forced him onto land. In the 1980s, Lockport’s small, public elementary school didn’t staff a nurse who could administer the kind of care a child with daily medical needs required. Donald and his wife, Melinda, then a high school physical sciences teacher, decided to open a seafood market so that Donald could get to his son at school as frequently as necessary. Donald misses life on the water and dreams of once again owning a small shrimp boat that he could man alone, but Punch’s Seafood Market is going strong and provides a more stable income than shrimping does these days. And besides that, his sons, Travis and Jason, need an outlet for their crabs. Both of the Punch boys chose fishing as a career, after having spent much of their childhood and adolescence on or near the water, and they sell their catch to Melinda and Donald. The market is a family affair in an even broader sense. Donald’s parents, Hazel and Leroy Punch, also work there, arriving around dawn each morning to make crab patties, stuffed shrimp, and crawfish bisque.

Date of interview: September 19, 2011 Interviewer: Sara Roahen Photographer: Sara Roahen