Charles Reagan Wilson

Charles Reagan Wilson was born in Nashville and received his doctorate from the University of Texas. After teaching in Texas and Germany, Wilson moved to Oxford, Mississippi, where he helped grow the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. He served as the Center’s director from 1998 until 2007, and it was under his leadership that the SFA found a home at the University of Mississippi.

Wilson still teaches at the University of Mississippi, serving as the Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. professor of history and Southern Studies. He is the author of Baptized in Blood and Judgment and Grace in Dixie. He is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, and The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.

Date of interview:

January 31, 2005


Amy C. Evans

Charles Reagan Wilson - SFA Founder
Whenever I give lectures about the South, I often bring food into it as illustrations of points. I think that in studying culture there’s so much now about the importance of symbolism and ritual about the imagery and the performance of culture, and food can relate to that.

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