Gravy 63 (Spring 2017)

Gravy 63 (Spring 2017) Table of Contents:

First Helpings—Jennifer V. Cole, Guest Editor

Get Help—Osayi Endolyn

Rules of Engagement—Michael Twitty

More Than Mere Mexicans—Gustavo Arellano

Bottom of the Pot—John T. Edge

Mobile’s Modern Soul—Julia Bainbridge

The Value of Southern Food—Kat Kinsman

Family Recipes—Photos by Celestia Morgan

Nowruz: Rebirth, Renewal, and Repast—Philip Malkus

Northward Bound—Devita Davison

Nothing Green but the Plates—David Hagedorn

The Birmingham Greeks—Oral History

Tortas in Tuscaloosa—Caleb Johnson

View from the Treehouse—John Kessler

Virginia’s Dare—Hanna Raskin

Rebel Recipe—Erika Council

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