Gravy 61 (Fall 2016)

Gravy 61 (Fall 2016) Table of Contents:

First Helpings—Sara Camp Milam, Managing Editor

All-Star Cuisine—Gustavo Arellano

When Sicily Came to Charlotte—Cynthia Joyce

Malnourished—Tanya M. Peres

A Lifetime of Barbecue in Selma—Meredith Bethune

Slaw Abiding Citizens—Emily Hilliard

Can I Get a Witness?—David Dark

A Parable of Produce—Martha Park

Beans and Franks for a Motherless Grill—Caroline Leland

Feeding a Need—André Gallant

The Future of Southern Drinking—David Wondrich

Lunch at the Octopus Farm—Richard Schweid

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