Gravy 63 (Spring 2017)


Gustavo Arellano talks Mexican diasporas, meet the Greeks of Birmingham through oral histories, and a special behind-the-scenes delve into The Potlikker Papers. Jennifer V. Cole guest edits this issue of Gravy.


Gravy 62 (Winter 2016)


With this issue of Gravy, the SFA welcomes a new associate editor: Osayi Endolyn. Examine the corn-fed South with features by 2016 SFA Fall Symposium speakers Elizabeth Engelhardt, Matt Bondurant, and Regina N. Bradley.

Look for part 2 of "Feast or Famine" in the fall issue of Gravy. Join SFA to subscribe!

Gravy 61 (Fall 2016)


Gravy 61 (Fall 2016) Table of Contents: First Helpings—Sara Camp Milam, Managing Editor All-Star Cuisine—Gustavo Arellano When Sicily Came to Charlotte—Cynthia Joyce Malnourished—Tanya M. Peres A Lifetime of Barbecue in Selma—Meredith Bethune Slaw Abiding Citizens—Emily Hilliard Can I Get a Witness?—David Dark A Parable of Produce—Martha Park Beans and Franks for a Motherless Girl—Caroline Leland … Continued


Gravy 60 (Summer 2016)


In this issue of Gravy, the SFA explores taters and empathy in Asheville, NC, catfish as a cash crop in the MS Delta, and tries to pin down both “Hoppin’ John” and hushpuppies.


Gravy 59: Spring 2016


The writers and characters in this issue find solace in fried corn, cheese dip, collard greens, and whole-hog barbecue.