Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash

There were and are very few constants in my life, locational or otherwise, but the land between Wilmington, North Carolina, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is an exception. It is the coastline to which I belong.

Ham to Ham Combat

“Listen. Their whole house could burn down, they could lose all their presents, but if their refrigerator made it through the fire with that ham in it, that Christmas would be fine.”

Grease Balls of Southeast Texas

Patillo’s Bar-B-Q in Beaumont, Texas, is the fourth-oldest barbecue joint in the state. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Fear the Tick

This lone star tick could unleash a far worse fate: It could rob me of my ability to eat mammals.

Thanks a Mint

155 employees, almost all locals who have worked at Hospitality Mints for years, crank out as many as 10 million mints a day.

Skylight Inn - Samuel Jones - North Carolina - Southern BBQ Trail

Where There’s Smoke

Sometimes in the middle of the night, Samuel Jones has to get out of bed and run toward the fire.

Blue Ridge Mountain Tikis

The tiki mugs made by Asheville, North Carolina’s Jim McDonough are weird and wonderful objects.

Keepers of Chipped Dreams

Mankind has decorated its liquor vessels since antiquity—it’s as if there’s something hardwired into our livers that demands festivity at all stages when we drink.