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Florida's Forgotten Coast

Remember Florida’s Forgotten Coast

The Apalachicola Bay area is often referred to as Florida’s Forgotten Coast. In anticipation of next week’s Gravy podcast, tour the place and meet people in this beautiful fishing community.


Giddy Over Gravy

SFA’s Gravy podcast wins its second consecutive James Beard Award.

Slugburger-Title Screen

Film: Trail of the Slugburger

Learn more about Corinth, Mississippi slugburgers in this short film, and check back Thursday for the release of our new oral history project, A Hamburger By Any Other Name.


Dan’s in Nashville

Since 1991, Dan has served his smothered chicken, fried cabbage, fresh greens, strawberry shortcake, skillet corncakes and “The Best Lemonade in Town” to an ever-evolving clientele.


SFA remembers Mary Thomas, “The Pie Lady”

SFA was saddened to learn that Mary Thomas, “The Pie Lady,” has passed away. Coming from a large family in Biscoe, Arkansas, Mary began cooking at an early age. After many years making pies for a local restaurant, she opened The Family Pie Shop next to her house in 1977. Since then, she has served presidents and … Continued


Considering Cracker Barrel in Gravy Ep. 36

In the new episode of Gravy, Besha Rodell brings us a reflection on the cultural context of Cracker Barrel, and what it taught her about both the region and her family.