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Frozen Irish Coffee

Jim Monaghan’s Frozen Irish Coffee

Trey Monaghan’s grandfather Jim Monaghan Jr. has a signature drink still served at Molly’s on the Market in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He also designed the best people-watching spot.


Sip a Saison, Support a Soldier

Producing memorable brews in today’s craft beer culture is a lofty enough goal, but when Brian McGee founded Fidelis Beer Company, he set his sights even higher: “to produce world-class beers to benefit world-class causes.”


Where we eatin’ today, Slick?

When money got tight, Keng Harvey decided to sell catfish plates out of his home to the thirty or so folks that got the Facebook memo. That first meal was last Halloween, and Harvey’s Big Frickin’ Fish Fry has done nothing but grow in popularity since.

JackDaniels early 1900s

All the Folks on Rocky Top Get Their Corn from a Jar

In contemporary country songs, whiskey partners with other themes—agrarian, patriotic, rural—to solidify the longstanding connection between country music and the Southern white working class.

shalom y'all

Thirsty Thursday: Sips of the Jewish South

Southern Jews constitute just half of 1 percent of the South’s total population, making their food traditions and innovations especially illuminating. Lindsey Reynolds toasts beverages that highlight Jewish heritage.